Crystalline Cleaning and Environmental Services

We are UAE's most reliable knowledge and service partner for all your cleaning needs. Incorporated in 2004, Our committed work ethics and passion for keeping abreast of the latest innovations have made us specialists in our field. 

Our team is thoroughly trained and well experienced to provide the best of service to our clients comprising of commercial, institutional & residential segments.

We have a commitment for hygiene and attention to detail. All our cleaning operations are performed using stringent safety measures. We care about our environment and use only environmental-friendly products. We are committed to serving the community with dedication and enthusiasm.

We are offering a wide range of cleaning services including Water Tank Cleaning & Disinfection, Kitchen Duct Cleaning & Degreasing, AC duct Cleaning, Laundry Duct Cleaning, Grease Trap Cleaning, Manhole & Drain Line Cleaning, Sewage Tank, Sump Pit Cleaning, Lifting Station Cleaning, Storm Water Tank Cleaning, Swimming Pool & Water Fountain Cleaning & Maintenance.

Water Tank Cleaning and Sterilization

Contaminated water can cause various types of infections and is a potential source of many diseases, foul odor, bad taste & color. The local municipality supplies water fit for human consumption. It becomes the responsibility of the building owner or the maintenance company to clean and disinfect the water tanks and provide clean and safe drinking water to the end users. Water tanks need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly to prevent bacteria, pathogens and legionella. Maintaining hygienic water tanks at residential and commercial building prevents various fatal water borne diseases. We undertake Water Tank Cleaning and Disinfection Services in UAE. We clean tanks of various types and sizes. All our staff are trained in general safety and confined space entry. We render our services of Water Tank Cleaning in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai & other emirates performed by experts. After the cleaning we provide the following;Completion report.After service report with before and after pictures.Chemical/Microbiological and legionella Analysis by third party approved lab.  Technical assistance as required. ...

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Pipeline Flushing & Disinfection

Another factor that can impact the quality of water is the quality of pipes and distribution system. Biofilms are formed on the interior walls of water distribution pipe and networks. This can cause discolouration of the water and give water a bad odor as well as taste. Crystalline, undertake pipeline disinfection after the water tank is cleaned and disinfected. The pipeline or the distribution systems should also be disinfected if a new pipeline is installed, repairs or maintenance has been performed. We use a special pipeline disinfection chemical to eliminate slime, biofilms bacteria & legionella. Pipeline disinfection can reduce the risk of microbial contamination. Crystalline provides all the correct field practices for preventing microbial contamination of the water flowing in water mains, storage tanks, and other distribution system components.  We ensure that mains and storage facilities are properly disinfected prior to use. ...

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Kitchen Hood, Duct, Exhaust Cleaning & Degreasing

A kitchen gets dirty and greasy after continuous operation. Airborne grease, steam and carbon sticks to the surface of the kitchen hood, duct and exhaust fans. Even the most efficient extraction filters cannot remove all traces of grease and dirt from the air. Over a period of time, layers of grease and dirt are deposited on the surfaces of hoods, ventilation ducts and extractor fans. These deposits are a hazard as they provide breeding ground for bacteria, reduces the efficiency of the extraction system by reducing the airflow as well as being a potential fire hazard.  Periodic cleaning (6 monthly) of the kitchen exhaust system must be done to prevent, fire hazard, oil leakage and increase the performance of the system. Crystalline ensures that the kitchen extraction systems, blower and ecological units are thoroughly cleaned as per NFPA 96 standards. Crystalline Cleaning & Environmental Services offers professional kitchen duct cleaning services for commercial kitchens in malls, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, educational and commercial building, as well as industrial kitchens and catering companies. Our kitchen duct cleaning & degrea ...

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Air Duct Cleaning & Sanitation

"Responsible for Every Breath" To create high-quality breathing environment for every family ...

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Manhole & Drain Line Cleaning

Drain lines are prone to blockages such as sand, debris, waste, roots, calcite deposits, which are, at the same time, harder to clear without damaging the pipes. Hydro-jetting employs the power of high-pressure water to eliminate clogs in the drain line and clean the internal pipe surfaces of sludge to prevent a repeat blockage of the drain lines. ...

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Septic Tank, Lifting Station, Sump Pit Cleaning

Lifting stations & sump pit need to be pumped and cleaned on a regular basis to maintain proper operation and to avoid damage to the pumps. Solid material, such as fat oil & grease can often plug or damage pump impellers, so periodic cleaning is required to remove the solid materials. ...

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Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease traps, as the name implies, are contraptions designed to trap grease, fatty oils, sludge and separating oil from water compounds entering and clogging the municipal collection system.  Accumulation of grease can cause spreading of bacteria and foul odor. There should be regular cleaning and maintenance of the grease traps to prevent the excessive amount of fat, oil and grease going to the drainage and irrigation network. Hotels and restaurant with high cooking volume require regular cleaning of the grease traps to avoid blockage and overflow. Crystalline provides manual as well and tanker cleaning services;1. Cleaning all type of grease traps. ( complete removal of all grease, sediment and grease-laden water)2. Pump of fat, oil & grease. 3. Installation of grease trap systems. We also perform a thorough evaluation of your system to make sure everything is functioning correctly. Feel free to contact us for a free conditional assessment survey.   ...

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Swimming Pool Cleaning & Maintenance

We offer Swimming Pool Maintenance in by a team of experienced professionals to clean and maintain a hygienic swimming pool. Swimming Pool Cleaning Services in UAE can be availed from us on the daily and weekly basis. Our team of experts ensures that we turn our client's expectations into reality. All operations like cleaning of swimming pool water, pouring required chemicals into the pool water, operation of filtration system are perform ed by a specially trained staff. Our Annual Maintenance Contracts includes the following;      Test the pool water for chlorine and alkaline residues and treat the water with necessary chemicals during each visit. ...

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Cooling Tower Cleaning

Cooling tower cleaning and disinfection is required at regular intervals to remove fouling, scale formation that can provide a growth environment for legionella bacteria and reduce the cooling efficiency of the tower. We use a special descaler and disinfectant to thoroughly descale, clean and disinfect the cooling tower system. ...

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Garbage Chute Cleaning

Garbage/Trash chute are not often thought of when it comes to routine maintenance in a building. They are neglected during routine ppm and this leads to the chutes contaminated with bacteria, grease, debris and toxins. Our teams are trained and experienced in the garbage chute cleaning and fully equipped with state of art machinery to guarantee decontamination and disinfection. We rinse the entire area inside the chute followed by spraying of degreaser to remove stubborn oil and grease. We steam clean trash chutes, all hopper doors with high-pressured steam. We then spray deodorisers to ensure those hazardous toxins and bacteria stay away from your building for a long time. Feel free to contact us for a free conditional assessment survey. ...

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Water Tank Repair & GRP Lamination

Over a period of time, the water tanks deteriorate resulting in corrosion, cracks and significant leakages which can lead to contamination of the water. A leaking water tank is a major source of inconvenience, which is why we strive to respond quickly and deliver immediate solutions.To prevent this from happening and to extend the life of your tank we repair the internal surface of the water tanks.  GRP Lamination of tanks and crack repair prolong the life of water tanks and reservoirs for many years and protects water quality throughout the system. Crystalline is a specialists in water storage tank repair and refurbishment works, capable of refurbishing all types and sizes of water storage tanks both internally and externally, ensuring many years of additional life and significant cost savings.Crystalline also provides prompt and effective water leak and water tank repair services to households and commercial establishments. With our swift response time and highly skilled professionals, we can ensure you will have useable water again in no time. Feel free to contact us for a free conditional ...

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Legionella Risk Assessment

Legionnaires' disease is a potentially fatal form of pneumonia caused by the inhalation of small droplets of contaminated water containing Legionella. Any hot and cold water systems are likely to provide an environment where Legionella can grow. Where conditions are favourable (ie suitable growth temperature range; water droplets (aerosols) produced and dispersed; water stored and/or recirculated; some 'food' for the organism to grow such as rust, sludge, scale, biofilm etc) then the bacteria may multiply thus increasing the risk of exposure. Crystalline conducts Legionella Risk Assessment;Detailed site surveys in each specified zones, building, plant rooms, etc.inspection and assessment of the condition of system water.assessment of the risk associated with the design, construction, operation and maintenance. ...

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Let’s limit the contamination of COVID-19 Crystalline: Helping businesses and residential communities stay clean, stay safe! We have been helping businesses and residential communities stay clean. Today, when the novel coronavirus has gripped the UAE and the world at large, we consider it our duty to rise to the situation and do our best to keep homes and workspaces clean. Contact Crystalline Cleaning and Environmental Services and we’ll thoroughly clean and disinfect your surroundings. Keep viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants away. Stay safe. Phone: +971 2 650 8930, +971 55 716 7017 E-mail: or ...

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Data Center/IT Rooms Cleaning

70% of IT equipment related breakdowns are caused by dust and other debris. This dust is the main cause of air ingress being restricted and causing equipment to overheat. According to ASHRAE in their 2011 publication, Gaseous and Particulate Contamination Guidelines For Data Centers, a preventative maintenance program that cleans the subfloor plenum not only helps prevent contamination risks that can cause downtime, but helps improve efficiency and reliability of hardware. Since contamination accumulates inside server cabinets and hardware over time, data center operators should take every precaution to prevent downtime by removing contamination. Cleaning and dust removal in a data centre, computer room, server room is vital to the reliable operation of equipment. Annual sub-floor and regularly scheduled above-floor services keep the room free from harmful dust and contaminants that can infiltrate equipment, cause overheating and decrease operating life. We have developed a way of enclosing either the work area or the IT equipment. This creates a positive or negative pressurised environment which effectively protects the IT equipment from migrating sub-micron particle ...

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