Water Tank Repair & GRP Lamination

Over a period of time, the water tanks deteriorate resulting in corrosion, cracks and significant leakages which can lead to contamination of the water. A leaking water tank is a major source of inconvenience, which is why we strive to respond quickly and deliver immediate solutions.
To prevent this from happening and to extend the life of your tank we repair the internal surface of the water tanks.  GRP Lamination of tanks and crack repair prolong the life of water tanks and reservoirs for many years and protects water quality throughout the system. Crystalline is a specialists in water storage tank repair and refurbishment works, capable of refurbishing all types and sizes of water storage tanks both internally and externally, ensuring many years of additional life and significant cost savings.
Crystalline also provides prompt and effective water leak and water tank repair services to households and commercial establishments. With our swift response time and highly skilled professionals, we can ensure you will have useable water again in no time.
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