Pipeline Flushing & Disinfection

Another factor that can impact the quality of water is the quality of pipes and distribution system. Biofilms are formed on the interior walls of water distribution pipe and networks. This can cause discolouration of the water and give water a bad odor as well as taste.

Crystalline, undertake pipeline disinfection after the water tank is cleaned and disinfected. The pipeline or the distribution systems should also be disinfected if a new pipeline is installed, repairs or maintenance has been performed. We use a special pipeline disinfection chemical to eliminate slime, biofilms bacteria & legionella.

Pipeline disinfection can reduce the risk of microbial contamination. Crystalline provides all the correct field practices for preventing microbial contamination of the water flowing in water mains, storage tanks, and other distribution system components.  We ensure that mains and storage facilities are properly disinfected prior to use.