Crystalline Environment Protection Equipments Trading

CRYSTALLINE is one of the premier Water & Process treatment companies providing cutting edge technology and expertise consultancy, about water treatment chemicals and associated equipment to our customers.
We are a Total Water Management Solutions provider utilising our vast experience in Water Treatment. Our products (chemicals & equipments) are currently applied in Industrial, Municipal, Commercial & Institutional segment as well as the hospitality industry (i.e. Hotels, Hospitals, Educational & Commercial Complexes, etc.)
• Pre-Treatment Systems.
• Treatment Chemicals.
• Dosing Systems & Automatic Controllers.
• Microbiological & Legionella Analysis.

We also undertake annual service, operation & maintenance contracts.

Swimming Pool Chemicals, Cleaning & Maintenance

Crystalline supplies various specialty as well as commodity chemicals for the maintenance of the swimming pools. We have a wide range of chemicals for in-house maintenance of pools and other water bodies. • Pool Chemicals • Swimming pool accessories and other consumables. • Automatic dosing pH/chlorine dosing systems. • Filtration systems, sand media. We also have a separate service division undertaking Annual Maintenance Contracts for Pools, Water Features, Water Fountains and associated facilities. Our team of experienced professionals, clean and maintain a hygienic swimming pool. Cleaning/Maintenance services in UAE can be availed from us on the daily and weekly basis. ...

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Potable Water Treatment

Potable Water Treatment (Improving your potable water quality while meeting regulations) Drinking water sources are subject to contamination and require appropriate treatment. There are various methods of water treatment to provide safe drinking water to the end users. The most common types of water treatment systems consist of: Filtration Systems A water filter is a device which removes impurities from water by means of a physical barrier, chemical, and/or biological process. • Sand Filters. • Multimedia filters. • Activated carbon filters. • RO systems. Water Softeners A water softener is a device that reduces the hardness of the water. A water softener typically uses sodium or chloride ions to replace calcium and magnesium ions, the ions that create "hardness." • Softeners systems. • Ion exchange resins. Disinfection Disinfection is a physical or chemical process in which pathogenic microorganisms are deactivated or killed. Examples of chemical disinfectants are chlorine, chlorine dioxide, and ozone. Examples of physical disinfectants inclu ...

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Cooling Water Treatment

Crystalline deals with a complete range of cooling water treatment chemicals and programs to provide optimum plant performance. Our chemical programs are effectively used for the reduction and prevention of the three major issues your cooling water system may encounter: corrosion, deposition, and microbial growth. Corrosion leads to metal loss that can result in critical system failures in heat exchangers, recirculating water piping, and process cooling equipment. Corrosion also results in a loss of efficiency as corrosion products precipitate on heat transfer devices, insulating the metals. Cooling towers are vulnerable to a variety of contaminants that cause deposit formation, such as mineral scales and sludge. Deposition interferes with heat transfer, increases corrosion rates, restricts water flow, and causes loss of process efficiency and production. Crystalline offers a complete range of speciality chemicals for cooling water treatment. • Corrosion/scale inhibitors • Bio-dispersants • Oxidising/Non-oxidising biocides • Oil/Iron dispersants ...

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Chilled Water Treatment

Chilled Water Treatment Closed loop water systems are a convenient way of heating or cooling building services applications and industrial and commercial processes. Advantages of a Closed System: They provide better control of temperatures in heat-producing equipment, and their small makeup water requirements greatly simplify control of potential waterside problems. Water Treatment When the same water is retained in the system for an indefinite period without effective water treatment, corrosion products and foulants can build up impairing flow and heat transfer and control valves can become blocked and inoperative. Heating systems can become scaled up; chilled water systems can become choked with pseudomonas slime-forming bacteria. To overcome these many potential problems, we have developed a comprehensive range of cost effective inhibitors and biocides which are designed specifically for closed systems. • Corrosion Inhibitors • Biocides • Cleaning & Flushing Chemicals We also supply, install and commission automatic chilled water dosing systems. ...

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Laboratory Testing

Microbiological Analysis include • Total coliforms • Fecal coliforms • Aerobic colony count • Enterobacteriaceae • Escherichia coli • Pseudonomas aeruginosa • Yeast • Moulds • Legionella pneumophila sero groups 1, 2-14 • Legionella sp. Environmental Monitoring and Support Services • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring • Indoor Air Quality Analytical Chemistry • Water • Wastewater • Ground Water ...

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Automatic Dosing Control & Disinfection Systems

DOSING PUMPS A wide choice of the most advanced metering and dosing pumps for many sectors of application and the perfect solution for any specific dosing need. CONTROL INSTRUMENTS Monitoring and control instruments suited to check any kind of parameters and to manage all dosing pumps and metering systems, even remotely with ERMES web system. DISINFECTION SYSTEMS LOTUS chlorine dioxide disinfection systems are the safest and most reliable against legionella, and the only ones in the world with remote control thanks to ERMES. ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTIONS All-in-one turnkey solutions assembled on customisable panels in specified combinations of dosing pumps, control instruments, probes and accessories. ...

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WaterScience Residential Filters

Shower filters are an effective option for removing chemicals and impurities, which can wreak havoc on your skin and hair. Water, can dry out your skin and leave your hair matted and damaged. There are many water softening solutions out there, but a shower filter is perfect if you want a low-cost, easy to install option.  CLEO MULTI-FLOW SHOWER FILTERCLEO SFU-717 SHOWER & TAP FILTERCLEO SFW-815 SHOWER FILTERRIO MLF-119 MAIN LINE FILTERIRIS WMF-617 WASHING MACHINE FILTER ...

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