Foul smell down the drain? Let’s get rid of it

There are innumerable tips and tricks to unclog drains and get rid of that foul smell. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar in the right proportion can work like magic for your home’s smelly or blocked drain. But, what about larger drain lines and manholes? Ever wondered how they are cleaned?

Long drain lines are prone to blockages such as sand, debris, waste, roots, calcite deposits, and these are extremely hard to clear without damaging the pipes. Bacteria and other microorganisms not only give rise to bad odor but can also spread several diseases. Earlier snake cleaners were the best available solutions to eliminate debris from the drain lines. However, grease would easily reappear on the interior walls of the drains due to leftover particles. Fortunately, we have now moved on from that stage to advanced plumbing technologies.

Today, professionals use a high-pressure stream of water to clear pipes. This is known as hydro jetting and it is considered one of the best ways to protect drain lines from serious and expensive blockages. Hydro jetting—considered one of the most efficient and versatile methods for sewer cleaning even in the UAE—eliminates clogs a hundred per cent and curbs the natural development of grease and minerals lining the interior walls sewer lines. It is a preferred method for cleaning drain lines in commercial complexes as well as individual houses.

Let’s look at the benefits of hydro jetting! The pressure of water is so high that every bit of grease, sand, debris and other waste is washed out completely, and it does so without damaging the pipes. Further blockage is easily avoided for a longer period of time. The cleaning is thorough, and this only means that hydro jetting drain cleaning is lighter on the pocket as you would need to call the plumber or cleaning professionals less often.

Are you irked by that rancid, eggy smell down the drain? Is it troubling you every other day. Well, you can now relax and leave the hydro jetting job to us. Crystalline’s experts inspect the pipes, clear sludge completely and also capture the before-and-after pics to give you a better image of your drain line condition. We also undertake periodic maintenance/cleaning of drain lines and manholes to ensure they are odor-free and clean all through the year.

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