Cleaning sludge out of your water tank

What do you do to ensure water in your storage tank is always clean and fresh? How important is it to maintain the water tank? You and your loved ones utilize water stored in the tank, and that water will be able to maintain its purity only if the tank itself is clean. Cleaning and maintaining your water tank is also critical from a health perspective. Over time, sediment and organic waste could accumulate at the bottom of the tank, forming sludge. Sludge not only contaminates water but is also the desired environment for a variety of illness-causing bacteria such as E-coli and Campylobacter. Today, we will discuss ways to get rid of the potentially harmful sludge from water tanks. 

Is a strainer enough to remove solid waste from the tank? The answer is “no”. Contaminants easily find their way to the bottom of the water tank and settle down there to form stubborn sludge. A strainer will be of no use in getting rid of that sludge. So, what should you do?

Step 1: Empty the tank completely. Step 2: Use a high-pressure hose and sweep out the bottom. While this is an effective way to eliminate sludge, it sure is time-consuming and you will be tired doing it on your own once in every few months. Climbing into the water tank and cleaning while you are in that confined space can also be a little tricky. So, be cautious!

There are other ways eliminate sludge. Invest in a tank cleaning pump and you could vacuum all the sludge out. There are a few cleaning systems too out there that automatically clean out sediments as and when they appear. These automatic systems pump out silt and dirt and run without you having to do anything once they are installed. However, these expensive cleaning systems do require some investment.

Want to save time as well as the huge costs while ensuring water stored in your building’s tank is clean? Get the professionals to eliminate sludge and disinfect your water tank. The cleaning will be thorough and the experts will also be trained in general safety and confined space entry—so you can sit back and relax while your tank gets cleaned, and bacteria, pathogens and legionella are flushed out.

At Crystalline Cleaning and Environmental Services, we recommend half-yearly water tank inspections to be sure that the water you consume is safe. We offer water tank cleaning and disinfection services in the UAE—in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai and other Emirates. Visit www. to know more about our water tank cleaning and sterilization services. Feel free to contact us for a free conditional assessment survey.

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