Clues that help you locate and get rid of mold lurking in your house

Every responsible adult looks at making the house a safer, healthier and more comfortable place for loved ones. But, there comes the mold to destroy the family’s peace. It brings along a host of allergic reactions, including but not limited to, a stuffy and runny nose, sneezing, coughing and sore eyes. At times, mold may not even be noticeable, leaving you wondering about the cause of the allergic reaction. Well, it must be hiding somewhere below the kitchen sink or in the AC vents. Here, we offer you some clues that help you detect the presence of mold.

1. Achoo! I can’t stop sneezing: As mentioned earlier, if you find yourself sneezing often or suffering from allergic reactions, it could be because of mold growing in some corner of the house. If you feel better when you step out of the house, and the allergic reaction returns as soon as you step back in, mold is definitely the troublemaker.

2. Can you smell it? I do: Trust your olfactory system when you sense that musty scent. The smell of mold is an important clue that you shouldn’t miss and get your house inspected as soon as you can. Do you feel choked as soon as you switch on the AC? That’s a clear sign of mold hiding in the AC vents and ducts. The more it grows, the more difficult it could be to get rid of it.

3. See it? You have to believe it: If you can see it with your eyes, take immediate action. You cannot dismiss mold thinking it is too small to cause any harm. Before you realize, a larger area will be filled with mold, making health- and cleanliness-related problems worse.

4. Peek-a-boo, I see you: Hiding around the pipeline? Don’t forget to take a good look under the sink and around pipelines. Moist spaces are a favorable habitat for mold growth. Pipeline flushing and disinfection will help address the issue.

5. Walls do tell the mold story: If you have had problems in the past of a moist floor, ceiling or walls, the chances of mold growth are higher. Seepage problems too accelerate mold development. Stay vigilant and inspect your residence regularly to get rid of those ugly patches of mold.

These were our top clues to help you detect mold. Should you suspect mold growth in your AC vents, water tank, pipelines or swimming pool, feel free to schedule an appointment with us. Crystalline specializes in cleaning and disinfection of tanks, pools, pipelines and AC ducts. Trust our experts and they will leave your family worry-free once again. Contact Crystalline Cleaning and Environmental Services at: +971 2 650 8930 or +971 55 716 7017. You may also write to us at: or