How laundry duct cleaning can prevent a fire hazard!

People take great care to ensure fabrics of all kind—daily-wear clothes, bed linen, towels, curtains, etc.—are washed well, adhering to all standards of personally set hygiene levels. During the wash cycle, lint, fiber from garments and dust particles get stuck inside laundry ducts. Before you even realize, these particles could lead to a fire breakout in the ventilation system. That’s right! Though surprising, laundry ventilation and extraction systems have great potential of causing fire emergencies.

Commercial establishments, especially those in the hospitality sector, are at a greater risk. With towels and bed linen washed and dried regularly in hospitals, hotels, etc., the amount of fiber and dust collected in the laundry extract system is significantly higher than one can imagine. Some of it makes its way through the filters and tries making the internal walls of the extract ducts its permanent residence—that is, if the concerned authorities don’t bother to clean the ducts regularly. As more and more of these particles accumulate, over time, area in the vents gets greatly reduced. Finally, there is a risk of a fire breakout. The efficiency of the system also reduces, with the extraction units unable to remove hot, moist air completely.

If the risk of a fire is not enough reason for cleaning laundry ducts regularly, read through some of the other consequences of leaving the hardworking ducts unattended for months together. With lint clogging ducts, lesser amount of moisture is able to get through dryers, leading to a longer drying cycle time. A longer-than-usual drying cycle will obviously result in higher electricity bills. Now, that’s not what anyone wants. Routinely over-taxing dryers to support such extensive washing also causes mechanical and structural damage to the dryers. Thus, it is extremely important to consider laundry duct cleaning during routine cleaning and maintenance activities. It takes just a phone call to get professional help.

Crystalline offers periodic laundry duct cleaning services that will help prevent a fire hazard while also extending the life of your equipment. We first inspect the system to check if filters are appropriately secured and scrutinize the level of contamination or lint accumulation in the laundry ducts. With powerful disinfectants and specially designed equipment such as dryer vent cleaning system, cable and brush system, super air compressors and filtered vacuums, we thoroughly clean the entire length of the ventilation system, leaving you with more efficient ducts and driers.

Crystalline specializes in cleaning of all types of laundry ducts. Confined space entry is nothing new to our team. We offer before-and-after images and reports that assure clients of our level of service. To book an appointment, contact Crystalline Cleaning and Environmental Services at: +971 2 650 8930 or +971 55 716 7017. You may also write to us at: or