Building a healthy water system by cleaning the water tank regularly

Are you one of those people who hasn’t bothered to care for your water tank after it was installed? Well, you are not alone. Though the water storage tank is an essential part of one’s everyday life, it is often taken for granted. We pay attention to water tank installation, and after the initial task is done, it is only filled up every day so that we have water for daily use. Why are we making it a big deal now? This is a just reminder for you to have a good peep into your water tank before 20 cm of sickening sludge attacks your life.

As long as the water in the storage tank is left unperturbed, only clean-looking water reaches you through the pipeline. But, before you even realize, when water at the bottom of the tank is stirred by any external force, the filters block up and water that reaches you tastes terrible, smells terrible and looks disgustingly green or brown. Suddenly, water storage tank maintenance becomes an issue. It is only then that you realize that the water you were consuming wasn’t clean since long.

Water storage tanks need regular maintenance and cleaning. A mistreated water tank is bound to be a high-risk area for the proliferation of bacteria such as E coli, Legionella and Pseudomonas. Yes, bacteria thrive in stagnant water, forming biofilms on the internal surface of your water tank and pipeline. Let’s have a look at the simple tasks you need to take care of to make sure the water you consume is clean and healthy.

1. Comprehensive risk assessment: Call a professional cleaning company to perform a thorough risk assessment. The report will offer you a complete overview of the current condition of your water tank and highlight areas of threat. Legionella thrives in standing water that is warmed over 20C. The risk assessment will call that out, allowing you to take prompt action and protect yourself and people around you from water-borne illnesses.

2. Water tank cleaning and repair: Once you are aware of the condition of your water tank, the next step is to act on the assessment report. Based on its current state, the storage tank may need cleaning and disinfection. Corrosion and scale formation not only reduce the lifespan of the tank, but also lead to serious health conditions. If the tank is left unclean and the water is left untreated, your water system could become a safe haven for bacterial growth. You can either clean the tank yourself or call the professionals. The tanks should be completely drained before cleaning. Physical cleaning of the water storage tank involves disinfection, scrubbing of the tank, and pressure washing of all surfaces. The cleaning process is complete when the water tank and pipeline is chlorinated to remove all traces of bacteria.

3. Scheduled testing and maintenance: Once the tank is cleaned, it is best to employ a professional cleaning services company to inspect the tank on a periodic basis. The initial risk assessment report would have given you an idea of how often your tank needs cleaning and disinfection. The cleaning and sterilization is best handled by the professionals. Jet cleaners, anti-bacterial agents and disinfectants used by professional cleaning companies make water tank cleaning seem like a breeze.

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