The best way to clean the sewer line

Do you hear gurgling sounds coming out of your drain? Does the water in your toilet bowl look aerated? Did you notice your kitchen drain making weird noises? Well, these are just some of the hints your clogged sewer line is sending across to you. While your daily life is already swamped with routine activities, this can be a real headache! But, if you have begun noticing any of the clogged sewer signs, it is best to clean the sewer line before it is too late. You may also need professional assistance to inspect the line and clean it.

Most blockages in the sewer lines are caused by flushing the wrong things down the drain. While some of these items make it through your fixtures, they are bound to get stuck further down the line, making self-cleaning almost impossible. If you haven’t been paying attention to maintaining your building’s sewer lines, it’s time to do so, as it can lead to clogged pipes and sewage backup over time. If ignored, it may result in heavier damages and costs later. Tree root intrusion and cracks are other reasons for ensuring periodic maintenance and cleaning of your drain line.

Periodic maintenance of your sewer lines will also save you from heavier investments and damages in the long run. When left unattended, some extremely tough clogs can make it difficult for the professionals to get a clear view of the sewer line. The complexity of cleaning may also increase and the clogs become harder to clear without damaging the pipes. While drain lines are prone to blockages such as sand, debris, waste, roots and calcite deposits, lifting stations and sump pits also need to be pumped and cleaned regularly to ensure proper functioning of the pumps. Solid material such as fat and grease can often plug or damage pump impellers.

Hydro-jetting is one of the best ways to clear sewer lines. It helps eliminate all deposits in the drain lines without damaging pipes. Crystalline uses hydro-jetting, the high-pressure water technique to scrub off the long-term buildup of waste in the sewer line. Hydro-jetting allows us to inspect (via a camera) and clear even severely clogged drains. High-pressure water eliminates clogs and cleans sludge off the internal pipe surfaces to prevent repeat blockage of the drain line. As soon as you realize that your sewer line cleaning task is beyond self-help, seek professional assistance.

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